SFM Africa management team includes:

Alan Bernstein, Chairman and Chief Executive

Alan is a businessman specialising in emerging markets. He has served as senior executive and founding investor in businesses involving large scale resources project management, real estate development, financial engineering and trading, agri-business, eco-tourism and resort development in Southern and East Africa, Europe and South-East Asia. In 1990 Alan co-founded Conservation Corporation Africa, and as its Deputy Chairman and joint CEO, established the company as one of sub-Saharan Africa's leading ecotourism organisations, successfully completing (in 1992) one of South Africa's first international private placements in the post apartheid era. Under his leadership the company pioneered private sector/state partnerships in eco-tourism and conservation development and grew to over 3,000 employees spread over 6 countries and 45 operations. Alan co-founded SFM Ltd in 2000 and served as its CEO, developing sustainable forestry operations in Australasia, South Asia, Africa and South America until 2009 when he led the buyout of SFM Africa.

Qualifications: MBA (INSEAD), Msc. Civil Engineering

Kevin Leo-Smith, Managing Director

Kevin’s experience covers more than 30 years of business start-ups, conservation related business, safari tourism and agribusiness in Africa. He has been Managing Director of SFM Africa since 2007, having previously been the Director and co-founder of luxury ecotourism business in Botswana and South Africa. Kevin also spent ten years in agribusiness as an owner-manager of farms, farm sales, farm development and farm services.

Qualifications: B.Sc. Agriculture

Stuart Christie, Chief Consultant

Stuart is a PhD forester and forest engineer with 26 years of forestry experience. His areas of expertise include research and development, forest management (nursery practice, silviculture, planning), business evaluation, scenario planning, terrain evaluation, sustainable development and health safety and environment. Before joining SFM Africa as its Chief Operating Officer in 1997 he was Technology Manager for SAPPI and Shell Forestry.

Qualifications: PhD Ecology, BSc. Forestry (Hons)

Robert Morley, Projects Manager

Rob is an ecologist and natural resource manager. His areas of experience include terrestrial carbon, biodiversity and conservation development, natural resource management, land-use management for conservation, environmental planning and resource based rural development. Rob joined SFM Africa as Projects Manager in 2007. Prior to joining SFM Rob worked in environmental and natural resource management in Southern Africa and was a National Park ecologist in Mozambique and PhD Researcher on elephants (Mozambique and South Africa).

Qualifications: PhD Zoology, MSc. Wildlife Management, BSc. Environmental Science (Hons)

Pierre Blondel, General Manager SFM Gabon

Since 2011, Pierre has been the General Manager of SFM Africa in Gabon. With a firm background in the timber industry, his areas of experience include staff management in an international context, company creation and management and international trade. Pierre has worked in the Gabonese timber and forestry sector since 2004 managing imports and sales of timber products to Europe (lumber, plywood, joinery, export of logs, lumber and semi finished products from Africa to Europe.

Qualifications: ESB Wood Engineering, University Technology degree, Building and civil works

Carl Oellermann, Geographic Information Systems / Planning Specialist

Carl's area of expertise is spatial information systems. He has a wide range of skills from advanced modeling, data management and storage, cartographic mapping, statistical reports and visual products for land use planning. He joined SFM Africa as its Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Planning Specialist in 2007 after five years as a GIS Specialist in the public conservation sector.

Qualifications: MSC. Geography, BA Geography (Hons)